Inauguration Ceremony of Karachi Independent Living Center

lnaug nlion C8111mWIY of KJLC held in a vary way. Media covered thie ceremony at latge. The ceremony held In -nlng time, which was attended by 300 partlcl & lll Including a large number of penons with dilabilitiee. The MC of ceremony was Mr. Aaim Zllfllr.Program 8l8rted wilh redtation of Holy Q\nn and followed by Mr. Azaam Ahmad a parvon with I8Vflre disability offeNut.

Mr. Ghulam Naill Nlzamanl, ChUparlon of CBR Alia Pacific Network delivered welcome speech and hlghllghtlld phlloaophy and lmporbince of the IL Among other speakars W&re Ms. l<lahwer Zellra Member of NationalAlaemblyof Pakistan,Mr. ZUiflqllr Claim l<han,i Media cell in c:hatge of !llling Pl!l1y of Sindh, Col. (Rid) Ehla8ham Uddin patron of Di88bled Welfare aeeociation (OWA), Mr.Shabbar Zaidi Chairman Support T!llll, Mr Qalser Mahmood, President Pakistan Halplne, M8.. Ourre Shahwar Nw Vice Chairpervon Chambers of Comi’IMII’C8 Katachi and Oirectot Ummah Welfare Trull Karachi.

Mr.Mohllin Qaim l<hania peqo11 wilh apinalcord injury Deputy Oiraclot (Karachi watar & MWBraga Board), shared his experience that how he beclme with the trauma of1he disability. Ma.Madlla Mr.Umer and Paldstan and >Mil promote h:luslve development In Ms. Mariam shared 1helr experiences llf& before end Peldstan at larger scale Including promotion of IL altar etmnding training on IL which was c:onductad at movement.

KILC couple of days befol’& inauguration C81’8tnony. The leader of opposition party In Slndh govemment and
Thay im pired the participants with their life changing a renowned political peraonallty Mr. FaSaUer &torias. announced to support ten users monthly tilrough eodal Dr. Muhammad Sllahnawaz Munaml, National wing of hhpolitical party. He said all poiiUcal parties Coordinator of Community Based Inclusive (CBID) must unrte to support persoM With disabilities keeping Nei’Mlrtt Pakllltan told In hill speed’! that Independent aside their political Ideologies.He said tllat Is party Is LMng Is an Important stlat.egy to achieve Inclusive struggling that every PaJcllltanl sllould achlev. basic development. human right including parsomwitll disabilities.

He showed his happiness that provincial coordinator of At tile end ribbon cutting ceremony held,the ribbon cut C81D Network Slndh and President of OWA Mr.Jawald Jointly by Or. Farooq Satter and Or.Tanveer Ahmed RaJs Initiated KILC. Sheikh. Before tllat winter klt8 were dlstrtbuted among Dr.Tanvear Ahmed, CEO of HANDS Pakistan assured 150 persons wtlh dlsabllllle$1hrough Ummah Welfare.