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Job issues of PWDs

The Constitution of Pakistan provides every citizen the right to live and to earn livelihood in accordance to his/her physical capability. Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) contributes around ten percent of the total population while reportedly, only one percent hardly gets proper job in private or public sectors. This is a dilemma that this vulnerable group of our population which deserves more to get a respectable job is being deprived of their basic right. It is observed that PWDs are keen to work but are less likely to be in employment and may be hiding disabilities from employers, are paid less when they are in work and that many employers do not feel they are well equipped to deal with the needs of disabled staff. It is said that one in ten employers do not feel able to support a disabled employee. Meanwhile a research shows that that employees who experience mental-health issues earn up to 42 per cent less than colleagues. Similarly, PWDs would like to work but can’t find a job therefore a number of PWDs hide their disabilities while applying for job from their employers.  It is further observed that one in ten employers do not feel confident that their organisations would be able to support an employee with a disability. Likewise, a large number of employers are of the view that disabled people make a valuable contribution to the workplace. The disabled and people with health conditions need more help to stay in work or find a job because they face a huge “employability gap. It is found that the disabled and people suffering a health problem were more than twice as likely to leave work as others. They were also three times less likely to move into employment. PWDs want to be in work but due to short of job opportunities they cannot fulfill their desire. According to one of the government notifications every private and public sector is bound to provide two percent jobs to PWDs. If any organization fails to adopt this government order in providing two percent job quota to PWDs in his organization then that organization would be fined by the government authorities. Employment ensures both their own independence and greater equality for society as a whole. With sensible planning, and reasonable adjustments, there is no reason why employers cannot open many more opportunities for disabled people in their workplaces, and support staff with health issues who wish to stay in work.

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