2 Days Training Workshop on Independent Living

Karachi Independent Living Center (KILC) under the Disabled Welfare Association (DWA) Independent Living (IL) program conducted a two days training workshop on IL. 20 Young male and female leaders were trained. Among the trainees some were those who first time any training or participated in any activity of an organization of persons with disabilities. The main trainer on IL was Mr. Asim Zafar who is running IL program under his organization SAYA Association (DPO) in Islamabad. Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani, Chairperson of CBR Asia Pacific Network delivered one session of training workshop. The topics during the training were covered:

  • History of IL
  • Philosophy of IL
  • Personal attendant service
  • Peer Counselling
  • Managing IL Center
  • Difference between organizations and IL Center


The purpose of training was to introduce IL and KILC to young leaders with disabilities before inauguration of the center. IL is mixture of science and art through which any person with disability lives an interdependent life with dignity and self-esteem. This is first time concrete initiative in southern Pakistan.

The training was observed by the parents and family members of the trainees who participated very first in any training. The immediate output of the training was the two trainees Ms. Madiha Siddique with muscular dystrophy and Ms. Mariam Asif with spinal cord deficiency. Both young trainees and their families understood the IL philosophy and committed to play their role for the promotion of IL in Karachi.

Ms. Kishwer Zehra Member of Parliament of Pakistan observed the training and impressed. She said that she will fully support the initiative of DWA and will patronage the KILC. She committed support of local government which is now run through her political party. At the end of training different participants expressed their views and showed their full satisfaction about the training. They committed to work with KILC in future.


disabitty and how IL philosophy helped him got out from the trauma of the disability. MS. Madtia Mr. Umer and Ma Mariam shared their experiences life before and after attending training on IL which was conducted at KILC couple of days before inauguration ceremony. They inspired the participants with their life changing stories.

Dr. Muhammad Shahnawaz Monism!, National Coordinator of Community Based inclusive (CBID) Network Pakistan told in his speech that independent Living is an important strategy to achieve inclusive development.

He showed his happiness that provincial coordinator of CBID Network Sindh and President of DWA Mr. Jawald Rats initiated KILO.

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed, CEO of HANDS Pakistan assured
full support of his organization for the promotion of KILO.

He said HANDS we soon engaged with CBID Network Pakistan and will promote Inclusive development in Pakistan at larger scale including promotion of IL movement

The leader of opposition party In Sindh government and a renowned political personality Mr. Farooq Satter announced to support ten users monthly through social wing of his political party. He said all political parties must unite to support persons with disabilities keeping aside their political ideologies. He said that is party is struggling that every Pakistani should achieve basic human right including persons with disabilities.

At the end ribbon cutting ceremony held, the ribbon cut Jointly by Dr. Farooq Satter and Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Sheikh. Before that winter kits were distributed among 150 persons with disabilities through Ummah Weans Trust Pakistan.