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23 Years of continuous service for over 10 million Persons With Disabilities

Syed Farhat Abbas has a distinguished career spread over three decades (34 years) in the field of journalism. He has done his Masters in International Relations from University of Karachi in 1988. Earlier, from 1988 to 2000 he worked for the leading English dailies i.e. The Muslim and The Nation (Islamabad) as sub-Editor and Staff Reporter respectively.

In 2000, Mr. Abbas joined a monthly magazine and focused his attention to one of the most neglected segment of the society – the People With Disabilities (PWDs). He has been working tirelessly to create awareness within the society about the special needs of PWDs.

Through this magazine credit goes to Mr Abbas, who laid down the foundation of DISABILITY MOVEMENT in Pakistan. Beside this through his articles he has been tirelessly leading the advocacy campaign to create a sensitive and enabling environment for Persons with Disability in Pakistani society. He is also part of the efforts that are persistently keeping this issue of Persons with Disabilities in the lime light.

Mr. Abbas has played the role of catalyst in the Pakistani society who lead from the front and took first steps that helped transform our understanding about PWDs. His publication has now helped created the largest network of PWDs across the country and given them forum to articulate their views, needs and also connect with each other. Mr. Abbas has ensured the PWDs of the country is systematically and continuously provided with information regarding rehabilitation, education, and social issues.

He has compiled four books in Urdu (1. Success Stories of PWDs of International fame, 2. Success Stories of PWDs of the country, 3. Physio and Occupational Therapy and  4. Disability caused by various diseases) that provide in-depth information and knowledge about the special needs of PWDs.

He has been invited to represent Pakistan in various international forums to highlight the special needs of such people from Pakistan. He has also covered various International events like Paralympics Games 2004, 2006, 2010 and World Cups of Disabled peoples held in UK in 2007 and 2008 and published reports of those events in Pakistan Special only to encourage and motivate PWDs of the country that they could also compete the world.

Mr Abbas has also paved special attention to help bring nation’s attention to issues related to PWDs either of private sector or government sector like law enforcement officials. In this connection he organized a number of seminars, symposiums, workshops, meena-bazars, fashion shows of special children etc.

From the platform of Pakistan Special for the last three years he initiated to organize seminars for those brave and gallant law enforcement officials who in the line of duty endured the bomb attacks of terrorists. In series of seminars Mr. Abbas has helped to bring forward the great sacrifices of the law enforcement officials who while protecting the civilians lost their limbs and even lives. He has brought the attention of the authorities and public on the challenges of their new lives that has one or other form of disability.

The resilient and innovate efforts of Mr. Abbas has certainly brought the issue of Persons with Disabilities to the fore front and help us transform our views.

In recognition of the services rendered by Syed Farhat Abbas, the government of Pakistan has nominated his name for highest civil award i.e. Pride of Performance Award 2013.

Born in 1963 (Rawalpindi – Pakistan) Mr. Farhat Abbas did his Masters degree in International Relations from University of Karachi (Pakistan) in 1988. He has been working in daily The Muslim and The Nation, Islamabad (1988 to 2000) as Staff Reporter.

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